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Cian JK Gracey

Hi!Welcome to my profile! You're here for a reason, so I won't waste your time! My name is Cian Julian-Keller Gracey (aka Kian, Gear). Born in 1990, I'm a queer and transmasculine artist based out of West Coast, Canada (Salish Territories), and I specialize in comic production, character illustration and concept design! Composition and perspective are my magical powers.I've been making art since I was 3 years old! Professionally since 2012, I've spent a good majority of my life face down with a pencil and paper. In 2010 I took a course for Animation; Art and Design, from there I discovered my passion for the importance of composition (and perspective!).I've worked with TTRPG crews to bring their personal characters to life, original character designs for storybooks, even worked on an indie tabletop game (that, unfortunately, got discontinued but it was fun, I have the concept art of it still).And now I'm the creator of an entire comic series: Fractured!Away from the desk I work in the body modification industry as a Piercer! At home I'm a husband to a wonderful human and our three cats in the middle of nowhere. I practice a variety of spiritual things and heavily believe in a "Do no harm, take no shit" mentality. I'm a metal head, spiked denim vest enthusiast, piercing and tattoo collector, and extremely passionate about creativity and living your best through creative outlets!This is a safe and inclusive space for everyone! <3Cheers!
Cian Gracey / Gearpunk (he/they)

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Software and Hardware
Programs: Clip Studio Paint
Hardware: XP-Pen Deco Pro Graphics Tablet
Brushes: "Good Pen", "Inkdrawn Comic Pack", "Sketch Dot Network mix Blur"